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for sale

Brand of Excellence Sale
February 11, 2021 at 12 PM CST
West Point Livestock Auctions, West Point NE


Weight and Scrotum Data
[ Lots 52-54B info is not available at this time ]


Thank you to each and every buyer of our 2021 Brand of Excellence bull buyers:

Tyler Abbenhaus
Garret Alexander
Kevin Allman
B & R Simmentals
Tanner Bacon
Leon Backmann
Chad Beckman
Dewey Bowers
Colin Brokaw
Rick Calvo
Lance Christensen
Royal Cropsey
Josh Doerr
Double J Ranch
Russell Fullner
Meagan Gore
Terry Gowery
Verlin & Joan Hanson
Harstick Simmentals
Rodney Hart

Damon Henschke
Kevin Koehler
Lindy Koester
Brian Lintvedt
Russ Longe
Megan Mavencamp
Mark Nathan
Mark Nordhues
Clinton Peterson
David Reichmuth
Andrew Roberts
Paul Roberts
Trevor Stapleton
Jason Stewart
Martey Stewart
Vonessen Farms
Western Cattle Source
Kevin & Stacie Woodward
Z Bar H Club Calves


Felt Farms
Roberts Simmental
Brad Christenson
Seth Johnson
Matt Wegner
Pat Wiese
Matt Wohlers

For sale yearling bulls and heifers!
Sired by: W/C Lock Down, W/C Executive Order, I-80, GSC GCCO Dew North, W/C  Bankroll, PAL/CLAC Meant to Be, Schooley Emmett, W/C Night Watch, W/C Son of a Biscuit, W/C Relentless, and Bushs Unbelievable.

Supreme Champion Heifer
2012 Nebraska Cattlemen's Classic
Kearney, NE

Co-owned with:
Willer's Mitten Brand Cattle of Norfolk, NE
Forster Farms of Smithfield, NE

Percentage & Purebred Heifers
Available for showing any time!